Bike Safety Check

County Kids of Steel - Bike SafetyThe 12th Annual County Kids of Steel Triathlon, Bike Safety Check is OPTIONAL. It is important to remember that ALL athletes must have a well maintained, safe bicycle in order to race. Bikes that are deemed unsafe WILL NOT be allowed to race. So, although bicycle inspection is not mandatory, it is recommended.  Training wheels are permitted at any age.  Glider/Balance Bikes are permitted in the submidget age group 3-5 age group.  Helmets must be properly fitted with a working chin strap.

We want our Kids of Steel race to be as safe as possible. To make your child’s bike is ‘race ready’ – kick stands must either be REMOVED or secured in place with a tie wrap, any extra equipment such as bull-horn style mountain bike handlebars, BMX axle posts, hard fenders, baskets, etc., needs to be removed prior to the race.

Participant safety is a key concern.  If you have any doubts about your child’s bike, please take it to a local bike shop to have it inspected! Local bike shops include:

Bloomfield Bicycle Company – 225 Main St. Bloomfield, PEC, 613-393-1060

Doug’s Bicycle – 159 College St. West, Belleville 613-966-9161

Stephen License – 288 Front St. Belleville 613-966-6900

Ideal Bike (Belleville) – 1-800-301-3981

Tri & Run – 17538D Hwy #2 Trenton – 613-392-7752

Cyclepath – 471 Princess St.,  Kingston 613-542-3616

J & J Cycle – 1690 Bath Rd., Kingston, 613-389-6777

County Kids of Steel - Bike Safety