Race Day!

cousins 141The most important thing to remember about Race Day is that you need to be registered, body marked and have your bike IN TRANSITION by 8:30 am!

We have an athletes meeting at the finish line at 8:40 am, it is important to attend this meeting for any last minute changes or instructions.

The following are some suggestions for         Race Day Success

  • Make sure you get a good sleep, have a healthy breakfast and drink lots of water!
  • Make sure you ARRIVE EARLY
  • If your bike is not in transition by 8:30 am you will NOT be allowed to race
  • Parents are not permitted on the race course or transition area (unless they are volunteering)
  • There will be plenty of volunteers available to assist your child
  • Pack your gear the night before the race:
  • Swim suit and goggles (if desired)
    Bike or tricycle (training wheels are OK)
    CSA Approved Helmet
    Running shoes and socks
    Shorts and a shirt
    Your race bib with your number to be put on the front of your shirt
    Water bottle (if desired)
    Extra pair of shoes or sandals (you need to leave your sneakers in transition)
  • For our sub-midgets (3-5years) IMG_5266_cold Sub

Children will be accompanied by volunteers for the entire race.
Children may bring their water wings, life jackets and pool noodles, if they would like