Race Rules

triathlon_ontario___new_pantonesAs a Triathlon Ontario Sanctioned Event, we need to comply with the Triathlon Ontario Rules


General Rules for the County Kids of Steel (see Triathlon Canada site as well for more general rules):


  1. All participants must wear an approved cycling helmet while on the cycling course.
    • Chin straps must be fastened before removing the bike from the bike rack.
    • Chin straps must stay fastened until the bike has returned to the bike rack.
    • Participants must rack their own bikes in the transition area (if an athlete needs assistance after attempting themselves, a volunteer may assist as needed).
    • Please try to have your bib number visible on the front of the body at the finish line (if we can read it we can announce your name as you cross the finish line.)
    • Kickstands must be removed or secured back with tie wraps for the race
    • Bent or broken reflectors must be removed.
  2. All participants must obey the traffic rules and listen to volunteers on the course.
  3. All participants must wear a shirt (or bathing suit that covers up chest) while on the bike and run courses.
  4. Participants must race in their proper age group unless approved by the Race Director.
  5. Participants and parents must conform to the rules of fair play and good sportsmanship.
  6. The race director’s decision is final.

Awards Structure

  1. All County Kids of Steel competitors will receive a medal as they cross the finish line.
  2. Boys and girls placing first, second and third in their age groups will receive a gold, silver and bronze award as indicated by the results.
  3. NO timing or individual awards will be given to the sub-midget age group (3-5yrs). They will receive a participant medal.


  1. Pedals: Cages will not be allowed at any age.  Clip-less pedals are permitted at any age, with the following conditions: For ages 13 and under, the cleat must be recessed into the cycling shoe, such that the sole of the shoe, but not the cleat, makes full contact with the ground. For ages 13 and under, the athlete must be able to clip into both sides of the pedal .  For ages 14 and up, all clip-less pedal systems are permitted. Clip-less pedals (aka clip-in pedals) will be allowed at any age provided the following conditions are met: they are double-sided (mountain bike pedals) and cycling shoes have the clips recessed in the tread so athletes can walk without slipping.  Only participants 14 years and older are allowed to use the “Look-type” pedals.
  2. Aerobars: Must be draft legal (i.e., may not extend beyond the brake levers) and must be bridged.

Outside Assistance

  1. Children are expected to compete in the race on their own and outside assistance is not allowed in ANY age group except from Race Volunteers. In the younger age groups, volunteers will encourage the participant to do the task on their own; if this proves too difficult, the volunteer will help (i.e taking bike off the rack if too heavy, tying shoes, etc). ***Outside assistance includes: any person running or riding along side a competitor, fixing flat tires or replacing chains, passing to or taking from any clothing, shoes, hats, or similar articles, any person assisting the competitor in transition, and demonstrating or indicating by any means, visual or aural, the location of the transition area or a competitors bike and rack. There is one exception to this rule – VOLUNTEERS ARE PRESENT AND WILL HELP WITH ALL ASPECTS OF THE SUB-MIDGET GROUP AS NEEDED through out the entire race.
  2. A competitor, parent or guardian or any member of the competitor’s support team  using abusive language or behaviour toward any official or race volunteer; or unsportsmanlike behavior, may result in the competitor’s immediate disqualification.